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  • Antibacterial


    The soft, silky fabric lining has features that prevent the spread of bacteria and fungi, avoiding odors.
  • Leather

    With natural elasticity, it adapts to different feet shapes. in addition, it has pores that help footwear to breathe. it has attractive look, resistant material and offers great comfort.
  • Insole


    Insoles developed with special measures at strategic points, carefully studied, in order to relieve the pressure on the feet. on the area of the instep and toes, an extra measure has been added, so the feet are accommodated in a natural way, without pressure and with much more comfort, providing a feeling of freedom for all types of feet.
  • Low Impact


    Combining comfort and technology, the low impact system is an anatomical insole developed with a 9 mm thickness on the heel area, considerably increasing the product comfort. with the greater thickness on this area the body weight is better distributed, generating balance for the feet. the comfort is completed with the use of the soft gel bubble, a very soft material that helps absorbing the impacts when walking. the aim is to promote the comfort feeling until the end of the day.
  • Sole


    Sole developed to give more structure on the sole area of the foot, that suffers the direct friction when walking. the sole cushions the impact caused by the irregularities of the ground and keeps flexible because of its material, the pvc. the feet are comfortable all the time due to the extra thickness of the sole.
  • Insole


    Much better than the foam insole, latex is a natural, biodegradable, and with permanent memory, it means, you can use all day long without losing comfort because it does not change the original thickness.
  • Air


    Air based cushioning system. The union of sole air bubble, guarantees the sensation of wellbeing and softness absorbing impacts received by the heel.
  • Easy


    Footwear with design that facilitates the fit and adapts to the feet ergonomics, relieving the pressure on them.
  • Insole


    Insole developed with elastic visco bubble, which has a very high damping index. its main feature is the permanent memory, that is, it does not lose its thickness, remaining comfortable throughout the usage, increasing the shoes lifespan. in addition, the insole has been designed with anatomy, so the feet fit better on it, eliminating the pressure peaks and greatly improving the comfort.

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